Who we are?

Teams Technology is a total solution provider and integrator for  semiconductors, electronics, flat panel display industries.

We have abundant knowledges for the whole supply chain of semiconductor, display and electronics industries, which covers raw materials, key value components and relative equipment.

We offer products and services from component sourcing, distributing, suppliers identifying, product designing, manufacturing and supply chain integrating for our customers.

Company history

■    Teams technology founded in 2011

■    2011, Start to distributing components from TDK

■    2011, Start to distributing SMT machine from Panasonic

■    2013, Start to distributing instruments and microscope from SHIMADZU and OLYMPUS

■    2014, Start to distributing Taping and Moulding machines from  DAICHI SEIKO

■    2015, Start to distributing industrial robots from DAIHEN and packaging machine from Fuji Impulse

■    2015, Start to distributing industrial automation products form SMC, Mitsubishi, Sanyodenki and Toshiba

■    2016, Shanghai Company founded

■    2017, Start to distributing MLCC from MURATA

■    2017, Start to distributing IC substrate from DAISHO DENSHI

■    2017, Start to distributing scrubber and chiller from GST

■    2017, Start to distributing FOUP & FOSB from MIRAIAL

■    2017, Start to distributing Ultrapure water equipment from Kurita

■    2018, Suzhou factory founded for FPD and semiconductor spare parts production and overhaul

■    2018, Start to distributing IGBT, MOSFET components and equipment

■    2019, Be a key supplier and service provider for STATE GRID Corporation of China